You asked, we answered.

Here are the 7 (½) reasons why you should attend Hustle Con.

1. It’s the only conference like it in the world

We get asked all the time what makes Hustle Con different from other conferences. It’s tough to answer if you haven’t been, but here’s this: 

“Hustle Con is like if a TED-Talk and Coachella had a wonderful love child.”

Well put.

2. Learn growth tactics that you can use immediately

This is key. We work hard to ensure every talk is loaded with nuggets of useful insight that you and your team can use immediately.

And for the first time, Hustle Con will include a second day with intensive breakouts on specific subjects. More on that to come…

3. Get up close and personal with 30+ leading founders

Case in point:

“I was playing skeeball with the founder of a recently minted D2C startup selling men’s hair products, when out of nowhere the founder of Instacart, Max Mullen, walks up and starts playing with us. We talked a bit about business, but mostly about skeeball. Max is wicked good, and his technique is impeccable.”

Not only will you learn from our lineup of founders, but they often mingle with attendees sharing their experiences and giving advice as needed.

4. You’ll meet and network with 2000+ other entrepreneurs

It’s a no brainer. Every year, Hustle Con attracts a diverse group of talented professionals – over 2,000 and counting. Titles range from C-level executives and VCs to first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

5. Shake hands with companies that will move your idea forward

Sponsors are scattered around the venue – both established companies and startups that cater specifically to entrepreneurs in different phases of their business. Last year, Salesforce had a VR roller coaster and Microsoft was doing free professional headshots — you can be the judge of whose was better. 

sponsors and attendees
Badge scanners? Yep, we got ’em.

6. You can find work ($$$)

This reason alone should justify the cost. Company friend and resident copywriting expert, Neville Medhora once wrote about a copywriter who wore a t-shirt to a networking event that had “copywriter” printed on the front.

He ended up securing $5k in new business. 

Now, we’re not saying go print a t-shirt with your job title on the front — but we’re also not not saying that either. Every year, we hear stories of folks connecting with others and those relationships turning into employment, contract work, or cash. That could be you this year.  

7. You’ll visit the Bay Area

If you live in the Bay Area, you know the hype. For those of you that don’t live in the Bay Area, consider this your invitation. 

Outside the Paramount Theater, Hustle Con's home.
Outside the Paramount Theater, Hustle Con’s home.

Coming to Hustle Con will give you the chance to see the entrepreneurial crucible that is Silicon Valley. Purchase a VIP ticket and come early for an exclusive speaker dinner where you’ll mingle with world-class speakers and guests. 

7½.  Meet The Hustle Team

Yes, it’s only a half reason, because we can’t think that highly of ourselves — at least not openly. The whole crew, writers and non-writers, will be in attendance ready to break the ice and help you in any way. 

Get your ticket to this year’s Hustle Con.

Save $125 off a 2-day ticket when you buy before August 23rd.