December 6, 2018 Brooklyn Expo Center Brooklyn, NY
Rise & Dine Breakfast
Come on down to the Brooklyn Expo Center for breakfast and a chance to connect with other hustlers before the event kicks off.
Welcome to Hustle Con
Sam Parr, co-founder & CEO at The Hustle
Grab your java and your seat. The show is about to begin.
Energy Is the New Currency, Let’s Get Alive As Sh*t
Suzy Batiz, Founder & CEO at Poo~Pourri and supernatural
Suzy Batiz went through 2 bankruptcies and over 12 failed businesses before she came up with her big idea. So, how does someone who seems steeped in failure end up building a company worth $400m? And how can you find that same success? Suzy will break it down for you in the first keynote presentation of the day.
What I Would Do Differently
Jon Stein, Founder & CEO of Betterment
It’s easy to look at an entrepreneur and only see their success. Take Jon Stein — his company has over 400k customers and manages more than $15B. But it takes a lot of mistakes to achieve that kind of success. At Hustle Con East, Jon will explain he would do differently if he could go back in time.
Growing Your User Base… Without Paid Marketing
Ankur Nagpal, Founder & CEO at Teachable
Growing a company from zero to 10 million may seem like an impossible task, especially if you don’t have a paid marketing strategy. But Ankur Nagpal and his team did just that. Teachable has 10 million students, and courses that generated over $90m in sales last year. And they did it all without Facebook ads.
Building a Tech Company without a Tech Background
Jojo Hedaya, Co-founder of Unroll.Me
What do you do when you have big dreams and strapped resources? You find a workaround. Finding workarounds is what Jojo does best. And it’s why Unroll.Me, despite facing near (corporate) failure, is thriving. At Hustle Con East, Jojo will explain how his unconventional path lead the company to success.
Share a meal with New York’s best and brightest in the startup scene. Grab swag from Hustle Con sponsors, and sign up for 1-1 advice from financial experts at Intuit.
How to Reduce Burn Rate and Increase Profit
Ethan Agrawal, Founder & CEO of Aaptiv
Interested in learning the nuts and bolts of profit margin increase? Then grab a seat at Ethan Agrawal’s lunchtime breakout session. Ethan is the founder of Aaptiv, the audio-based workout app with over 200k members and more than 2,500 classes. Ethan learned the hard way that burn rate can mean life or death for a startup. At Hustle Con, he’ll share his tactics for reducing burn and increasing profit.
The Company with 300 Million Daily Users
Alex Chung, Founder & CEO of GIPHY
Alex Chung knew from a young age that he wanted to start his own company. But there’s no way he could have predicted he’d start an entire movement. His company GIPHY (the people who bring you all the gifs) is a 80-person team with over 300 million daily users, and a valuation of over $600m. GIPHY serves up over 2.5 billion GIFs every day. And at Hustle Con, we’ll ask Alex all the questions we can to understand how he built his GIF empire.
Breakout Sessions
Option 1
Fundraising: How to gain momentum when investors don’t use your product
Alex Friedman, Co-Founder & CEO of LOLA
In 2017, only 2% of all VC funding went to a female-founded company. So how did LOLA, a feminine hygiene subscription company, raise $35m? In this breakout session, founder Alex Friedman will share her fundraising strategies — strategies founders of any gender can apply to any business.
Option 2
The Jedi Mind Trick (AKA Understanding Your Customer)
Rachel Blumenthal, Founder & CEO of Rockets of Awesome
Shortly after launching her clothing subscription company, Rachel Blumenthal had a waitlist of over 3,000 interested customers.
Her strategy: to build a community before she had a product to sell. And now she’s leveraging her existing relationships with that community to improve her retention rate. Join this breakout session to learn how to launch and leverage a community that came become your brand’s #1 ambassadors.
Option 3
Big Hustles Start Small: Fireside Chat with John Henry
John Henry, Partner @ Harlem Capital
It’s not easy to turn a side hustle into a profitable career. Take it from John Henry, who started a company at age 18 –- a laundry startup that sold for millions. Now he’s launched a non-profit incubator, hosts podcasts for Gimlet Media, and manages a diversity-focused, early-stage investment firm. Digiday’s Kerry Flynn will take the stage with John to learn more about his entrepreneurial story, his early hustles and obstacles, and financial advice for those looking to make it happen on their own.
The Meal Delivery Company That Won
Josh Hix, Co-Founder & CEO of Plated
Josh Hix has stories to tell. From trying (and failing) to build a refrigerator, to almost losing everything thanks to Hurricane Sandy, to selling the company for $300m… the Plated founder’s experience has something everyone can learn from.
From Dudes to Dads: How A Bike Ride Changed My Life
Mike Rothman, Founder & CEO of Fatherly
No one believed Mike’s business idea was a good one. But that didn’t stop him from trying. Neither did the fact that no one believed his target demographic was monetizeable. And yet… today Fatherly reaches over 3 million people a month. So, how’d he get there? At Hustle Con, Mike will share the exact steps he took to evolve his side hustle media project into a full-time gig. Bonus: Mike is a tried-and-true storyteller with The Moth. I’ve heard him speak. You will not want to miss this one.
Hustle Con East After Party, Presented by Blackberry
Time to put away your laptops and notebooks and pull out your party hat… the Hustle Con East After Party is where friendships are made and deals are dealt. Come for the beers, stay for the laughs.