Some people come to conferences for the content. That’s the bucket I fall into.

I’m most excited to hear how Casey Neistat uses storytelling to build a massive audience, but in the past my favorite talk was hearing how the founder of Pandora convinced employees to work even after the company went bankrupt.

However, many of you come to meet the other attendees. I get that. Of the 3,000-ish people who’ll be at Hustle Con you’re bound to meet at least one new friend, mentor, investor, business partner, customer, boyfriend/girlfriend…whatever.

You also want to come because you want to immerse yourself in the Silicon Valley energy, which is what it is because of the people. Maybe you’re from a small town in Iowa, Brisbane, Australia or Santiago, Chile and starting startups isn’t exactly normal in your town, so you want to hang out with other misfits at Hustle Con. Whatever your reason is for wanting to meet new people, in this post I’m going to give you a smorgasbord of information on the types of people who attend Hustle Con.

Let’s do it.

Here’s David Yarus, left, founder of JSwipe. I met David for the first time at our Speaker’s Dinner, which happened the night before.

Meet the GetAround team. They sent a few team members to Hustle Con to learn about growth. Their founder, Jessica Scorpio, spoke the year before.

A group of folks who met at Hustle Con

David Spinks, founder of CMXHub, a community for…community managers.

Although lots of founders come to Hustle Con, hundreds of startups all the way up to publicly traded companies send employees to learn from world class founders and meet other attendees.

All types of ages attended

Here’s how the attendees describe themselves

Want more? Click on over to the Attendee page. You can see individual attendees, their job titles, and where they work. You can also submit your info to be featured!