The First Hustle Con

In 2014, Sam Parr — the guy who would eventually become the co-founder and CEO of The Hustle — put on his first Hustle Con.

It was the start of something big.

At the time, me and this guy named John (Sam’s future co-founder) were working at another startup.

But we were friends with Sam, and decided to attend Hustle Con to show him our support.

We were shocked.

The networking was surprisingly fun. The content was actually valuable. And there were free cookies. We were impressed.

But my favorite thing about Hustle Con in 2014 were the lightning talks: 5-10 minute talks that were hyper-focused and extremely tactical.

So I’m excited to share some big news:

We’re bringing Lightning Talks back to Hustle Con.

Here are two I’m excited about:

Jerry Hum, co-founder of Touch of Modern

Jerry Hum started Touch of Modern with his three co-founders in 2012.

After trying out three different startups, they noticed a massive hole in the market: retail that helps male consumers upgrade their lifestyles.

Using a methodical combination of data-driven decisions and scrappy living habits (the guys shared a work/live space for several years to save cash), Touch of Modern now processes over a million orders a year.

They’ve raised $17m in funding, and brought in $117m in revenue last year.

At Hustle Con, CEO Jerry Hum will explain how his team gathers customer insights, and uses that data to drive growth and profitability.

And Ethan Agarwal, founder of Aaptiv

Ethan had gotten fat… business school and being a traveling consultant will do that to you.

But when Ethan turned to the internet for a program to help him get back in shape, he was disappointed. Most apps were video-based, and nearly impossible to watch while exercising.

So, he built the world-class, audio-based app he wanted: Aaptiv.

Now Aaptiv has over 200k paid subscribers, $30m in funding, and 2500 classes with 40 new classes added each week.

Things weren’t always going so well for Ethan and the Aaptiv team. Last year the company burned over $2m in one month.

But now the company is profitable.

At Hustle Con, Ethan is going to explain the exact steps he took to take Aaptiv from a multi-million-dollar burn rate to profitable in under a year.

Wait… What’s Hustle Con?

Hustle Con is a one-day conference where founders of extremely successful startups teach the non-technical strategies they used to launch and grow their business.

Over 2,000 people come to Hustle Con each year. And it’s happening on June 22, 2018 in Oakland.

Follow along on The Hustle’s Facebook or Instagram pages to get the scoop.

Or join 2,500 other entrepreneurs at Hustle Con and hear from Jerry and Ethan in person.