Send a friend to Hustle Con, get $75

Have a network of other ambitious movers and shakers? Want to earn a quick $75?

Congrats, we just found you a new side hustle.

See, our annual conference, Hustle Con is coming in hot on June 22nd. It’s a day-long line up of successful entrepreneurs sharing actionable advice on how they launched their businesses, and we think everyone should experience it.

But, we need help getting the word out — and we’re not above greasing a few palms to help us do it.

So we’re shelling out 75 smackers for every person who buys a ticket through your unique link — no limits, no exceptions.

Anything else?

Here is some other bad ass stuff you can earn:

  • A custom Hustle Con t-shirt — 3 tickets
  • A free ticket to Hustle Con ($250 value) — 5 tickets
  • A VIP Hustle Con ticket with access to the speakers & other cool sh*t ($2,500 value) — 15 tickets

Plus, you’ll be eligible for our other giveaways leading up to Hustle Con.

What’s Hustle Con again?

Hustle Con works like business school: you show up and are taught strategies for starting and growing your company — except you don’t pay $100,000 to attend.

For the last 5 summers, we’ve gathered the founders of the fastest-growing companies (like Allbirds, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Ellevest) to give 20-minute keynotes on actionable tactics for launching and growing a business. In their talks, they’ll share how they got started, how they grew, and what they learned along the way.

This year Hustle Con takes place in Oakland, CA on June 22nd.

How do I sign up?

Click the button below to tell us you’re in and we’ll shoot you over all the info you need to get started. That simple!

Extra spending money for turning your friends onto an awesome event. Pretty sweet gig, if you ask us.