Sallie Krawcheck’s Career Could be a Movie

Sallie Krawcheck is the founder of Ellevest, an investment platform designed by women, for women.

But before she became a founder, Sallie was known as “the most powerful woman on Wall Street”.

Her professional journey unfolds like an Oscar award-winning film:

She started her career at Sanford Bernstein, where she worked her way up from research analyst to CE-freakin-O.

Then Citi poached her to become CEO of Smith Barney, where she received a $7m signing bonus and a guaranteed $8m bonus after one year.

Jealous? Wait for it.

In 2008, some of Citi’s clients were involved in a toxic investment situation. Sallie believed that Citi should return the money to the clients who got burned.

Her boss disagreed.

In the end, Sallie won the argument… but it cost her her job.


In her time on Wall Street tycoon as “The Last Honest Analyst”, Sallie learned a big lesson: investment firms are not built for women.

They’re based on men’s salaries, men’s lifespans, and men’s career arcs. Generally speaking, those things are different when it comes to women.

Sallie decided to solve the problem

She started a company called Ellevest: an investment platform designed by women, for women. And she’s killing it.

Her seed round alone was $10m. Not much compared to the $11 trillion industry she’s dealing with, but it’s one of the highest seed rounds for a female-led company. Ever.

What’s next?

On June 22, 2018, Sallie will teach her strategies for growing a successful company onstage at Hustle Con.

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