What Katia Beauchamp has accomplished

Katia Beauchamp is one of the founders speaking at Hustle Con in 2018. She’s the founder and CEO of Birchbox, the beauty subscription company.

Here are a few of the things she’s accomplished so far:

She formulated the idea for Birchbox in 48 hours.

She raised nearly $87m.

She built a team of hundreds of employees and a company with over a million subscribers.

She diversified her company’s revenue streams.

She revolutionized the $500B beauty industry.

But wait, there’s more

If you ask me, the most impressive thing about Katia is that she once cold-emailed Steve Jobs. Yes… THAT Steve Jobs.

And she got a response.

Here’s what happened:

When Katia got to Harvard Business School, she and her classmates were given discounts to get IBM-issued computers.

But Katia was an Apple gal.

So, she cold emailed Jobs, explaining the situation and suggesting that Jobs offer the same discount for Mac computers to the students.

Within minutes, Katia received an email from Jobs’ assistant… with a discount code for the exact same amount as the IBM student discount.

Clearly, the woman knows cold email.

And she’s used the same cold email strategy to take Birchbox from a school project to a $485m company with over 1m subscribers.

What’s next?

On June 22, 2018, Katia will explain her cold-email strategy onstage at Hustle Con.

Hustle Con is a one-day conference where founders of extremely successful startups teach the non-technical strategies they used to launch and grow their business.

Over 2,000 people come to Hustle Con each year. And it’s happening on June 22, 2018 in Oakland.

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